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November 07.2017.
October 26.2017.

New 10" (orange+black / Vinyl only) EP "AT THE EDGE OF DAYS" feat. Karl Agell (COC/Leadfoot) on Daredevil Rec. 22 minutes of doom. Order at:

Check out the new songs here:  

October 25.2017.

Tour dates:
March 17.2017.

Coming this summer....  New 10" (orange+black / Vinyl only) EP "AT THE EDGE OF DAYS" feat. Karl Agell (COC/Leadfoot) on Daredevil Rec. 22 minutes of doom. Stay tuned for more details! Pre-order:

March 11.2016.

The first new song from the new album "False Flag Operation". The exclusive double CD digipak release is available under Shop tab!

March 08.2016.

The new stuff will be released in a couple of days!
Stay tuned for the first song..
February 29.2016.

"False flag operation"/"The man in the maze"/Nail Records
Release: March 2016. as double digipak CD.
Here is a song from "The man in the maze"-voted "Album of the year 2013./Hungarian Metal Awards.
Stay tuned for more news !
February 20.2016.

A short video about the recording of False Flag Operation:
February 16.2016.

The Man in The Maze album just won the Hard Rock Album of the Month prize by The Akademia Music Awards!

January 15.2016.

Great news ! The new Magma rise EP called "False flag operation" will be released in March 2016. on Nail Records as a double CD with the re-release of our second album "The man in the maze". 4 new songs and the classic Trouble song "Pray for the dead" will be recorded, featuring Brian "Butch" Balich (Penance/Argus) This co-operation has been planned for a long long time and it comes true now..we are very happy with it .
Magma Rise concert dates,in support of The Skull:
March 14 - Graz(A) - Explosive
March 16 - Budapest (HU) - Dürer
March 17 - Vienna(A) - Viper Room
March 18 - Innsbruch(A) - Weekender Club
Check out some new tunes!
January 7.2016.

The new material called "False flag operation" will be recorded next month with our producer Barnabás Hidasi.
Titles: False flag operation,The metamorph,Shroud of hologram,Trading time +1 bonus track.
Magma Rise won the 'Album of the Year' award on Hangsúly voting.
May 2. 2013.

Advance of the new album "The man in the maze". Release: June 2013.
January 11. 2013.

Guitarist Sandor Füleki left the bands a couple of weeks ago and has been replaced by Laszlo Herczeg (ex Sedative bang, Penalty kick, Sunday fury).The new album "The man in the maze" will be released in May/June 2013. Some parts of the"7 stuff (featuring Brian "Butch" Balich from Argus/Penance has been recorded. We will let you know more details about the release as soon as possible...stay tuned.
October 25. 2012.

Though we haven't finished working on the new songs yet, we can show you the cover of the new album...check it out !
October 14. 2012.

We are working on the new material's called "The man in the maze", the most of the album has been written.. The new stuff, contains lots of twin guitars and doomy harmonies, will be released in April/May 2013.We are very proud that we have been invited playing at Malta Doom festival next year...
February 19. 2012.

We proudly present that we will work on a project with Brian "Butch" Balich (former singer of the doom legend Penance presently active with Argus). Magma rise and Butch are going to record "Pray for the dead",  the classic song of Trouble! The plan is that this song will be released on a "7 later this year with a brand new yet unreleased Magma rise song. Our second full lenght stuff's called "The man in the maze" will be recorded in the summer/fall  2012. and will come out  on a vinyl too.
January  10. 2012.

Line-up change:
Because of  logistical problems and his new full time job, our friend Misi Jano left the band. Ex Mood/Wall of sleep guitarplayer Sandor Füleki has joined and  taken the job from Misi. The material of the new album "The man in the maze" will be finished till the end of summer.
Stay tuned for more details...
June 27. 2011.

The Magma rise / The Asound split "7 is ready to release !

April 15. 2011.

We will play Metalfest Open Air Hungary Festival in June, and we have booked the first date in England ever. (4th of September,
Doomsday Festival in Wakefileld) Stay tuned for more dates in England, France and Germany !
February 9. 2011.

Magma rise / The Asound (USA) "7 will be released in April on Psychedoomelic/Tsuguri Records. We will record "Five" very soon.
A couple of German shows are planned to be played in April, we will support Place of skulls and The gates of slumber in Nürnberg/Germany
(5.4.). We are in booking process for the 6.4./7.4. and 8.4....stay tuned !
April 26. 2010.

First we would like to thank all the people who made the Doom shall rise gig unforgetable for us. There is a low quality video footage
from the show, more and better stuff will be online shortly. Band merchandise is ready to order, visit the store!
We will be appear in Metalfest Open Air festival in Budapest on the 23th of May. You should be there to check out this great 3-day-
long international metal meeting!
March 28. 2010.

The debut stuff is out now! More information in the "store".
February 12. 2010.
The recording process of the debut album "Lazy stream of steel" is finished, you can check out the first sample very soon...
We recorded a heavy version of Mood's "Glow, burn, scream" with our brother Füleki Sanyi 
from Wall of sleep and Mood.
Another surprise will be heard too, concerning this song...
Stay tuned!
January 5. 2010.

Magma rise will start recording their debut stuff on 1st of February at the Audioplanet studio in Budapest.
The album will be released on Hammer Records/Psychedoomelic Records in March 2010.
The songtitles are the following: Giant ball of lead, Risen, Time has been given, Church of pigs,Tombstone eyes, For those..., Standby. The 8th one will be a remake of an older stuff we made, featuring some friends of ours.
November 8. 2009.

Magma rise has been confirmed for Doom shall rise festival.(Göppingen/Germany /9-10. April 2010.)
More German dates are in booking process. Stay tuned for the details...