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Magma Rise are:

Kolos Hegyi-guitar (ex-Mood , Stereochrist)
Laszlo Herczeg-guitar (ex-Sedative bang, Penalty kick, Sunday fury)
Gabor Holdampf-bass/vocal (ex-Mood, ex-Wall of sleep)
Sandor Banfalvi –drums (ex Neck Sprain)

Former members:

Mihaly Jano-guitar (Neck Sprain) 2009-2012

Sandor Füleki-guitar (ex-Mood, wall of sleep)

Magma rise was founded in June 2009 by members or former members of Hungarian underground band  Mood,(definitive doom metal band 1993-2001, released 4 albums played something like 400 gigs, also in support of Anathema, U.D.O.,Spirit Caravan, Crowbar etc…) Wall of sleep, (2001- released 4 albums,on Psychedoomelic Records and I Hate Records played, Doom shall rise festival/Germany in 2003,Stoned from the underground festival /Germany, supported bands like for example Darkest hour,Trouble, Mastodon, High on fire, and played 4 tours across Europe), Stereochrist (2002- released 2 albums on Firebox, Psychedoomelic Records , supported bands like Candlemass, Zeke, toured with Testament in Europe,) and Neck sprain (Hungarian underground heroes, released 3 albums,  supported bands like Deftones, Slayer, Meshuggah, Soulfly).
The debut album “Lazy stream of steel” (featuring Kyle Thomas from Exhorder, Floodgate, Alabama Thunderpussy and Trouble) has been released in March 2010 on Nail/ Psychedoomelic Records.

The band released a new song "Five" on a  split "7 with the band "The Asound" in 2011.
Mihaly Jano left the band in January 2012, Sandor Füleki, (Wall of sleep) who was also founder of  Mood with Holdampf and Hegyi, joined Magma rise.
The band is working on a new album titled "The man in the maze" ...
Füleki left the band in November 2012 and has been replaced by Laszlo Herczeg (ex Sedative bang, Penalty kick and Sunday fury) as a full-time member.